Sound Post / November 2019

Sunrise Mass

By Ola Gjeilo

If it’s not the layering of chords between orchestra and chorus, it’s likely the driving rhythms that will envelop and captivate you. Ola’s music takes a fresh, 21st century approach to traditional choral works in an almost cinematic manner.

The third movement of Sunrise Mass was chosen for November to complement the Wichita Symphony’s performances of Carmina Burana this month. Choral works with orchestra seem fitting this time of year as the days get shorter and we seek warmth for our bodies and souls.

Questions for thought as you listen:

  1. The piece starts out with very short and rhythmic strings creating motion. Did this enhance the slow lines of the chorus when it entered?
  2. Midway through the work, there are some layering of tones and chords in the chorus enhanced by the strings. Did this make the piece more emotional or was it volume enhancement?

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