About Us

Mission Statement


The mission of the Wichita Symphony is to enrich, educate, and entertain diverse audiences of all 
ages in our region through performances of orchestral music, thereby enhancing the 
vibrancy and vitality of Wichita.

Our Rich History

The Wichita Symphony Orchestra was founded in 1944 and is one of the oldest and most active arts organizations in Kansas. Throughout its 79 years of existence, the orchestra’s mission has been to provide the state with the highest quality musical presentations for as many different audiences as possible. 

Over the years, the Orchestra has gone through artistic growth to become a highly respected and acclaimed ensemble. The Orchestra’s annual activities include a Masterworks series, Pops concerts, Special Events, Family Concerts, and free, citywide community performances. The Orchestra’s educational activities include Young People’s Concerts, a four-tiered Youth Orchestras & Ensembles Program, and ongoing audience education.

The Wichita Symphony is governed by a Board of Directors who are respected members and leaders of the Wichita community. Wichita and the surrounding area provide the Symphony with a high level of support, which has encouraged its growth during the years. Financial and volunteer assistance come from subscribers, contributors, the Wichita Symphony Ambassador's, and generous sponsors from our treasured community. It is because of this support that the Wichita Symphony Orchestra can continue to provide great music to south-central Kansas.

Past Wichita Symphony Conductors

Historical Photographs

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