Volunteer Opportunities

Ushering for Concerts

If you are interesting in becoming a volunteer usher for Wichita Symphony concerts, please contact Vicki Sanchez Murphy, Assistant Box Office Manager for Century II, at vicki.sanchez@asmwichita.com

Wichita Symphony Ambassadors

The Wichita Symphony Ambassadors is a volunteer organization which helps the Wichita Symphony fulfill its mission to enrich, educate, and entertain diverse audiences of all ages through performances of orchestral music. Click below for more information about the WSA and how you can get involved!

Wichita Symphony Ambassadors

Other Volunteer Opportunities

Our volunteer members provide invaluable time, ideas and support to further assist the Orchestra. Throughout the season, the symphony has various volunteer needs for our Young People’s Concerts and fundraising projects. Contact us to learn about how you can get involved today!

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