Sound Post / February 2020

In Truth

By Lucas Richman

A Note from Concertmaster Holly

Piano concertos from 100-200 years ago are frequently used in movies and television shows. Do you ever wonder how the composers from another time would think of their pieces being used in this fashion? Jump ahead to a living composer who conducts many film soundtracks and collaborates with film composers, and has written a piano concerto! Lucas Richman’s piano concerto, In Truth, takes the listener on an audible journey that allows the imagination to wander cinematically.

We have chosen In Truth to complement our Complete Beethoven Concertos performances at Wichita Symphony later this month on February 21 & 23. Both listening to the Richman and the Beethoven with films in mind primes the imagination!

Questions for thought as you listen:

  1. There was a lot of call and response between instruments in the orchestra and the piano solo. Did that help you retain the theme?
  2. Did the introduction of this work make you wonder which direction or mood the piece would take you?

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