Wellness Wednesdays

Wellness Wednesday offering no. 1

January 13, 2021

Before we start, we'd like to invite everyone to keep their own notebook. This is a great way to personalize your experiences and take notes on the music you discover along the way! We'll be sharing a wide variety of music these next several weeks and it will be beneficial to keep track of how the music touched or enhanced your lives.

Our first week's offering is a term and exercise used by music therapists. The "Iso Principle" is a technique by which music is matched with the mood of a client, then gradually altered to affect the desired mood state. Today, Daniel and Holly talk about this concept and share their music selections and why.

After you've watched the video of Holly and Daniel, and have listened to the selections, take this Iso Principle thought throughout your week. Notice how music supports your feelings, or contrasts them. It's an interesting awareness to have and will enhance how you listen to music.

Holly's Iso Principle Choice

Holly takes the exhilarating emotion from the adrenaline-filled 2nd movement of Shostakovich's Chamber Symphony...


... and alleviates that feeling using the 4th movement of Brahms' Symphony No. 3, transforming from agitation to peaceful calm by the end.


Daniel's Iso Principle Choice

Daniel starts from the 4th movement to the 5th movement of Schumann's Symphony No. 3. The 4th movement begins with grief, loss, and continues in a general path of inner tumult, with brief moments of respites from brass fanfares only to return to strife. The movement edges towards peaceful resolution. Then, the 5th movement begins, brimming with optimism and hope. The 4th movement starts at 22:55, and the 5th starts at 28:34:


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Wellness Wednesdays with the WSO

Welcome to Wellness with the Wichita Symphony! Each week, starting this Wednesday, we will be sharing an offering similar to the weekly Wichita Symphony Zoom Recital Series, but with a different focus. There will be musical offerings, some chats and interviews, as well as some special points to ponder. We hope you look forward to each week’s new discoveries and enjoy and learn how music can affect you in positive and helpful ways.

The goal is to offer solace, a place to pause, and a point to breathe and hopefully something interesting to think about. While each week’s offering will stay archived on the WSO webpage, we are encouraging everyone to keep a notebook so personal notes on discoveries and music can be personalized. Advising and guiding along this journey are Meg Beck, MME, Music Therapist of Larksfield Place Retirement Communities, Inc., Dr. Shannon Loeck, KU-Wichita Psychiatrist and Emergency Psychiatry Liaison to Ascension Via Christi, and Dr. James Vayda, Assistant Director Ascension/Via Christi ER. Our music director, Daniel Hege and concertmaster, Holly Mulcahy will be curating and developing the music and conversation.