Sound Post / December 2019


By Jett Hitt

A Note from Concertmaster Holly

Anyone who has spent time in a national park can start to hear nature in a unique way. Instantly painting a picture of nature and harmony, Yellowstone for violin and orchestra transports the listener to an audible grandeur offering a wistful experience. Jett’s outfitting and guiding services through Yellowstone National Park inspired his own writing, so this work is essentially a musical souvenir.

In addition to writing music, Jett raises bison on his farm in Missouri. Jett has actually purchased a few bison calves from Four Mile Ranch just outside of Wichita. Connections in and through the music world are something to treasure.

Yellowstone was chosen for December because it’s the season of nostalgia and memories. This month the WSO reflects on childhood memories with performances of E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial In Concert and holiday memories with our annual Spirit of the Season Holiday Concert.

Questions for thought as you listen:

  1. This second movement opens with a piano setting the mood. How would you define that mood?
  2. There are fast moving lines and some very slow-moving lines happening at the same time. Do you think this is the composer’s way of representing something in nature? If so, what?

Leave us your comments

There are no wrong responses, just perspectives that are uniquely yours. Also, feel free to share any memories of your time in National Parks!

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