Sound Post / April 2020

Spielzeug Straßenbahn

By Jennifer Jolley

A Note from Concertmaster Holly

As concerts, businesses, and people hit pause on what is "normal," we are looking at life with a perspective that is different than it was a month ago. 

In April we want to view music from a more personal angle. We offer this piece as an invitation to share your thoughts with others in the Sound Post community as we all deal with a crisis from different perspectives.

This work by Jennifer Jolley, in a way, is a meditation. A nine-minute journey into your feelings that are drawn to the surface by the music.

There are no wrong feelings or wrong answers. No judgements, just a space to hear and listen, then share. Stay safe and healthy, friends.

- Holly

Questions for thought as you listen:

  1. The first part of this piece goes from a perpetual motion to a smaller and lyrical conversation between flute and violin. How does the balance between the persistent rhythm to the lyrical make you feel in today’s climate?
  2. There is a musical unraveling, in a way, around the 4:30 part of the video. Does it build suspense for you? Or does it help you unwind your own mind?
  3. The second part of this work is quieter and without the drive of the first part. How does this make you feel in contrast to the opening? Hopeful? Peaceful? Resolved?
  4. The ending fades out with some interesting chords, almost a jazz influence. Did it bring you peace or did it make you want more?

Leave us your comments

Please share any other thoughts, images, or feelings you had during this nine-minute journey in comments below. More by Jennifer Jolley:

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