Sound Post / May 2020


By Kenji Bunch

The lush and reassuring sounds of a full string orchestra warms the soul and brings comfort. As May brings warmer temperatures and lush green treetops, it also brings an extension of feelings from April. For some, unanswered questions, uncertainty, and unknowns can be paused with this gorgeous seven-minute work.

Kenji Bunch's music always brings a great texture and color to the forefront and his Nocturne for String Orchestra is no different. Using the richest registers from each instrument, Kenji's music embraces the listener with warmth and security, something we all likely need.

- Concertmaster Holly Mulcahy

Questions for thought as you listen:

  1. There are tension points and releases in the music. Did you find satisfaction or comfort with how the tensions were released?
  2. Did the pauses help enhance the richness for you or did they offer a different feeling?

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