Sound Post / November 2020

Dream Colored Mobile

By Takashi Yoshimatsu

The opening beckons you in with a pulsating harp, almost as if the music was saying "Once upon a time." The story starts to unfold with a heartfelt cello solo in a song-like manner. The cello sings over the harp layered strings as it builds in intensity in the most satisfying way.

Dreamlike chords relax the listener in the middle of the work as the harp pauses the pulsing and gradually allows strings to take over the rhythm the harp started.

We've picked this piece now that we are in our adventurous new concert season. There are knowns and unknowns; known is the power and beauty of what we can offer: music and hope. This piece by Yoshimatsu illustrates that feeling and intent so nicely.

Questions for thought as you listen:

  1. In other versions of this piece, an oboe plays what the cello did. What other instruments do you think would sound nice playing this melody?
  2. The title is descriptive; did you find yourself imagining a colorful mobile? Was it a dream? Or was this more of a meditative piece for you?

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Please share any other thoughts, images, or feelings you had while listening to this work. Remember, there are no wrong thoughts, just perspectives that are uniquely yours!

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