Sound Post / October 2020

Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee

By George S. Clinton

From the opening calls of a flute, the scene is set for a powerful story. At first there is a sense of endless expanse and freedom that gives way to a compelling drive. An urgent rhythm driven by drums, strings, and voices takes the listener to an emotional state of steadfast determination. In this clip, the music is for film, but the storytelling stands equally to a stage performance as it sets an emotion and sets up themes and developments.

George S. Clinton has composed for many films for the past several decades. And lately his orchestral works, such as his violin concerto The Rose of Sonora, have been featured by many orchestras around the country. We are featuring George’s music this month because Wichita Symphony will be giving the world premiere to George’s gorgeous new string orchestra work, Prairie Reminiscence, inspired by Wichita's cultural landmark: The Old Cowtown Museum.

Questions for thought as you listen:

  1. This short work opens with a Native American Flute. What emotion or feeling comes to your mind upon hearing it alone?
  2. There is a driving rhythm after the first minute of this work. What sticks out to you most in that section? The strings? Vocals? Drums? Or all of it combined?

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