Sound Post / June 2020

Becoming Medusa

By Stacy Garrop

From WSO Concertmaster Holly Mulcahy

From the powerful and cinematic opening to the most tender violin solos, Stacy Garrop’s Becoming Medusa whisks the listener away to the mythical realm of Medusa. We ride along on this epic tale as the orchestra paints the heroic, tragic, and captivating aspects of this legend.

Stacy’s music is driven by story, purpose, and a narrative. The rhythmic nature and story material literally leaves you on the edge of your seat as you follow along this ancient tale, which just one movement from her Mythology Symphony. For me, it made me curious enough to refresh my Greek mythology stories to better enjoy this piece. Wow!

We offer this work to complement the upcoming premiere of Stacy’s work for solo violin, Phoenix Rising which I will be premiere on June 22 in my weekly Zoom Recital. Register for that recital here, and listen to Becoming Medusa below!

Questions for thought as you listen:

  1. When the bold opening yielded to the violin solo, what did that color change represent to you?
  2. Around the 11:00 mark, tension starts building to a tremendous and frightening climax, halted by a crashing brake drum and followed by a brief silence. Did this release of tension bring any relief or thoughts from the story of Medusa?

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Please share any other thoughts, images, or feelings you had while listening to Becoming Medusa. Remember, there are no wrong thoughts, just perspectives that are uniquely yours!

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