Women's Association

Women’s Association of the Wichita Symphony (WAWS)

With approximately 150 members of women and men from the community, the Women’s Association of the Wichita Symphony (WAWS) has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to benefit the Orchestra for more than 70 years. Members provide invaluable volunteer time, ideas and financial support to further the goals of the Orchestra. Throughout the season, members volunteer their time for such important projects as the Young People’s Concerts, symphony mailings and fund-raising projects. Women’s Association members are often found in the lobby at selected Classic and Pop concerts selling CDs of the program’s featured artists.

WAWS Involvement

Young People’s Concerts

A big project for WAWS is the Young People’s Concerts, or YPCs. These are held during two weeks each year. Each week normally presents six performances, two each morning, for over 12,000 students and teachers each year. On concert days, WAWS members meet busses filled with children from the 3rd through 8th grades in Wichita and surrounding communities and usher them into Century II Concert Hall where they are met by more ushers who show them to their seats for the concerts. In between concerts, volunteers from WAWS are set up backstage to feed the orchestra members. (Their favorite part!) WAWS members donate baked goods, fruits, veggies, cheeses and beverages to give the orchestra added energy.

Let’s Do Lunch!

WAWS members and guests get together for lunch three times during the season. The places and the entertainment vary from year to year, but a good time is had by all who attend. Invitations are mailed out a few weeks before the date so you can make your reservations easily. Guests are welcome at any of these luncheons.

Need to RSVP to our next luncheon? Email Janet Elliott.


Even though we are known as the Women’s Association of the Wichita Symphony, we also admit men into our membership. Invitations to join WAWS are mailed or emailed out to those interested in becoming a member of the group in June of each year. Replies are needed before August 1st, when the membership booklet goes to print. If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact Sally Chesser.

WAWS Board of Directors

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