882785_10151604643175676_73314740_oDaniel Hege

Music Director and Conductor
Jean and Willard Garvey Endowed Chair

Cecil J. Riney

Wichita Symphony Orchestra Chorus Director

Steve Luttrell

Youth Symphony Conductor
Fred C. and Mary R. Koch Foundation Endowed Chair

Gary Burrow

Repertory Orchestra Conductor
Delmar and Mary Klocke Endowed Chair

Eric L. Crawford

Youth Chamber Players Conductor

The Wichita Symphony welcomes the following new musicians for the 2013-2014 Season, whose positions were won in August:

Principal Positions

Principal Flute: Jessica Petrasek
Principle Trombone: Tyler Vahldick

Section Positions

English horn 3rd oboe: Emily Tsai
Fourth Horn: Jordan Robert
Percussion: Andrew Slater, Joe Mikelait, and Sarrah Cantrell
Violin: Emily Bishop

Graduate students from the Wichita State University College of Fine Arts

Violin: Virginia Brungardt and Natalia Korenchuk
Third Horn: Jonathan Dozois
Second Oboe: Alica Tape

Congratulations and welcome to the Orchestra!



John Harrison, Concertmaster
   S. M. and Laura H. Brown Charitable Trust Endowed Chair
Evgeny Zvonnikov, Associate Concertmaster
   Bobbie and Marvin Bastian Endowed Chair
Susan Linnebur
Adrienne Dougherty
Nancy Lutrell, Associate Concertmaster Emeritus
Laura Hammes Black
Cindy Dantic-Watson
Linette Gordon
Chelley A. Graves
Joan Pfaff
Marta Prugar
Rebecca Schloneger
Nancy Woodruff


Nancy Johnson, Principal
Dominique Corbeil
Emily Bishop
Virginia Brungardt
Shelley Closson
Larry Fear
David Kaemmer
Natalia Korenchuk
Cheryl Myer
Judith Naillon
Jane Ray
Suzanne D. Schiffel
Martha Schreiner*


Catherine Consiglio, Principal
   Larry and Anita Jones Endowed Chair
Nicole K. Feryok
Caroline Anderson
Emily A. Baldridge
Kay N. Buskirk
Cynthia L. Cook
Hailey Hatcher
Howard Jones
Kristen Smaglik


Jakub Jerzy Omsky, Principal
   Lois Kay Walls Foundation Endowed Chair
Camille M. Burrow
Arleigh Aldrich
Tiffany Bell
Susan H. Bentson
Patricia K. Hart
Quinn Lake
Laura C. Martinez
Susan Mayo
Elaine Whitmire


Mark Foley, Principal
Don Jacobsen
Eric L. Crawford
Dennis Danders
Marcia C. Hatfield
Kathy Luttrell
Kirsten Moler
Carol Neighbor


Jessica Petrasek, Principal
Mitchell A. Berman Endowed Chair
Christina M. Webster
Chastity Pawloski, Piccolo


Andréa E. Banke, Principal
   George and Marilyn McNeish Endowed Chair
Alica Tape
Emily Tsai, English Horn
Cindy C. Thompson


Sarunas Jankauskas, Principal
   Helen and Russ Meyer Endowed Chair
Rachelle Goter
Michael Unruh, Bass Clarinet
Mary E. Jackson, E-flat Clarinet


Scott Charles Oakes, Principal
Vanessa Davies
Merrilee Tuinstra, Contrabassoon
Angela Hull


Geoffrey Deibel, Principal


Nicholas Smith, Principal
Mirella Gable, Assistant Principal
Erika Binsley
Jonathan Dozois
Jordan Robert
Stephanie Jo Roberts*


David Hunsicker, Principal
   Daniel J. and Shoko Kato Sevart Endowed Chair
Nicholas Ciulla
Dana Hamant
Gray A. Bishop


Tyler Vahldick, Principal
Matt Blauer
David Muehl, Bass Trombone


Phillip C. Black, Principal


Gerald Scholl, Principal
Robert E. Lee
Andrew Slater
Joe Mikelait
Sarrah Cantrell
Kevin Findley*


Jane Hyde, Principal


Joel K. Knudsen
Anna Jeter

* On Leave


Urza Silverwind, Stage Manager
Ben Juhnke, Stage Manager
Larry Fear, Personnel Manager
Carol Neighbor, Librarian

Musicians in the First Violin, Second Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass sections rotate seating for each concert and are therefore listed alphabetically (except for the first stand and the first two and a half stands of first violin).